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19 Great Physical Therapy Halloween Costume Ideas

Check out these great ideas submitted to Physio Memes of original an awesome Physical Therapy Costumes appropriate for both school and work!

1. Theraband/ Therabandits

2. Cupping

3. Dermatome

4. Trap Queen

5. Skeleton Body Suit

6. Muscle Body Suit

7. IT Band +

8. OT Rex

9. Cat Scan

10. Ham String

11. Fall Risk


12. Goniometer

13. Wong-Baker Pain Scale

14. MC Reflex Hammer 

15. Heart Breakers

16. Firm Endfeelers

17. Unhappy Triad


18. Phases of Gait


19. Count Scapula

Count Scapula In our very own store HERE :)

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