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18 Best Mnemonics for Physical Therapy!

1. Lab Rat (Atrioventricular Valves)

Left Atrium = Bicuspid, Right Atrium = Tricuspid


2. Screw the Lawyer, Save A Patient (Axillary Artery Branches)

Superior Thoracic
Lateral Thoracic
Anterior Humeral Circumflex
Posterior Humeral Circumflex


3. I Long for Spinach: (Erector Spinae Muscles)


4. 3, 4, 5 Keep the Diaphragm Alive!: (Innervation of Diaphragm)

C3, C4, C5 innervates the diaphragm.


5. LR⁶SO⁴ All the Rest 3: (Extraocular Muscles Cranial Nerve Innervation)

Lateral Rectus: Cranial Nerve VI (Abducens)
Superior Oblique: Cranial Nerve IV (Trochlear)
All Rest: Cranial Nerve III (Oculomotor)


6. S2, 3, 4 Keeps It Off The Floor: (Penis, Pee, Poop)

S2-4 (pudendal nerve) innervation is responsible for erection of the penis, and controls the both the anal and urethral sphincter.


7. Spare TIRE Around Their Abdomen: (Abdominal Muscles)

Transversus Abdominis
Internal Oblique
Rectus Abdominis
External Oblique

8. PAD and DAB: (Interossei Muscle Actions)

Palmar: Adduct
Dorsal: Abduct


9. Hands In Your Pockets and Hands on Your Tits: (Direction of Internal and External Obliques)

External: Put your hands in your pockets, the fibers run along the direction of your forearms.
Internal: Put your hands on your tits (breast tissue), the fibers run along the direction of your forearms.


10. Randy Travis Drinks Cold Beer: (Brachial Plexus Sub Units)



11. Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle (Carpal bones - Lateral to Medial. Proximal Row to Distal Row)

Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, 
Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate


12. The  "Miss" Between Two "Majors" (Bicipital Groove Attachments)

The Latissimus (Miss) Dorsi muscle inserts into the floor of the intertubercular groove of the humerus. it is between the Pectoralis Major and Teres Major


13. The NAVL (Femoral Triangle Components Lateral to Medial)

Nerve. Artery. Vein. Lymphatics


14. A Girl Between 2 Sergeants/G between 2 S's (Pes Anserine Attachments)



15. SITS muscles (Rotator Cuff - Superior to Inferior)

Teres Minor


16. DR CUMA: (Hand Lesions)

Drop=Radial nerve
Claw=Ulnar nerve
Median nerve=Ape hand 


17. "PEST OF 6": (Cranial Bones)



18. Valgum vs. Varum (Knee Position)

Genu Valgum (knock-knee): knees are stuck together with gum.
Genu Varum (bowleg) has a bottle of rum between which causes them to bow outwards.




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