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19 Embarrassing Physical Therapy Stories

19 Embarrassing PT Stories

Welcome to the Real Physical Therapist of the World. Enjoy these true funny stories and quotes from real physios! 

1. When you want to ask a patient if they are able to adjust the height of their desk at work, but it comes out, "Have you experimented with different positions?"

2. A doctor asked me, "How did he do?" and I didn't quite hear it that way so I said, "Howdy-doo to you, too!" 

3. I asked a patient to squeeze their glutes together and she used her own hands to squeeze them.

4. "Grab the little black guy" - referring to a kettlebell.

5. "Don't let me pull out."


6. "I want to try this position with you. Please lay on your back."

7. Classmate said, "I'm going to measure your nips," to a patient during first clinical.


8. Classmate said, "Okay, so today I'm going to show you how to move in bed."

9. At school I said, "Can I put my hand in your pants?" in front of everyone.

10. Palpating a glute clam I asked, "Is it okay if I stick a finger in your bum to check if we're getting the correct activity?" She replied, "Cheek, yes. Hole, no."

11. "Don't hump your back," said to a boys hockey team.


12. Went to complete a lower quarter screen and my pants ripped. Cool air down there right away.

13. "Don't worry your ankle sprain isn't too bad, we won't chop it off," - said to an amputee.

14. Patient: "I forgot my rubber" (referring to Theraband). Me: No problem, I have plenty."

15. Patient was doing  sit to stand and I said, "Squeeze your butt," and she yelled, "NO, YOU SQUEEZE MY BUTT."


16. "Is it stiff first thing in the morning?"

17. I asked a patient to repeat the instructions... the patient was deaf.

18. "This isn't the position I typically do it in."

19. While palpating the femoral artery on a male classmate (I'm female), I yelled, "OH. I TOUCHED SOMETHING!!!"



Thank you to everyone for sharing these hilarious stories! Tag and share this with your PT friends.




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