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Embarrassing Practical Moments in Physical Therapy School

These are a compilation of embarrassing stories during practicals in physical therapy school. Comment below which one is your favorite or message us your own story!


1. We had a massage station and my one friend dropped the sheet and the girl had no pants on... He was so embarrassed!

2. Professor went down for paper while I reached up for a goni. Her face met my hand. Hard!

3. Our 2nd smartest girl bent over during a presentation, and her yoga pants were very thin and we saw her...

4. When I accidentally threw freezing cold water on the patient instead of the galvanic bathtub

5. Forgot to plug in the leads to the TENS unit. Cranked it all the way up before I realized.


6. I told Richard I was going to give him a skin on skin piriformis release and he didn't even flinch.

7. I hit my knee so hard on my bench that I nearly ended up in tears during my practicals. Got a pretty bad bruise but I passed

8. Falling down the stairs using crutches as the patient during assistive device practicals 

9. Demonstrating a ball toss standing on foam when the tech threw a large physioball at me and knocked me over.

10. I said necrosis was a contraindication to ice pack.


11. The teacher asked me to be the Mckenzie guinea pig since I have back pain. Through repeated movements my thong crept up and the whole class saw.... And it was recorded!

12. A guy in my classroom had very wide underwear on. When he abducted his leg his bag sack flopped out his pants.

13. Guy in my class hit the professor in the face while putting a gait belt on her. 

14. Classmate called empty can test an empty beer can test during a practical. 

15. Accidentally gave my classmate a wedgie while fixing his shorts after a massage.


 16. When examiner asked to my friend where his triceps brachii was located & he pointed to his palm.

17. Once I applied ultrasound for 7 minutes but there was a plastic protector on the head.

18. Thinking I was using hand sanitizer when I walked into the room and finding out it was actually soap.

19.  Was in anatomy and held out a humerus to my thigh and said out loud "this guy was short!"

20. Bend over to help patient, my hair went into his coffee, when I came up the wall was full of coffee


21. I kept calling my professor the wrong name, until the final practical when I saw it written. 

22. In on of my exams, I confidently told my examiner that agulants are contraindications to massage... what are agulants?



Comment below or message us at your favorite embarrassing practical story.

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