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27 Roller Coaster Emotions of Physical Therapy School (Told by Mean Girls)

1. Convincing your friend that you are ready to treat after the first semester.


2. When you go home and your roommate asks how your day was.


3. When your friends ask to go out, but you have to study and don't want to sound lame.


4. Acting like you understand what's going on when the professor looks at you.


5. When you get "Name______ Date______" correct on your exam.


6. Not caring about what your lab clothes look like.

7. Breaking down in the middle of 12 exams, 6 practicals, 7 quizzes, 4 group projects in 10 days.


8. When you want to sneak into an undergrad class to remember how easy you had it.


9. Motivated To Diet in PT school


10. Then trying to do your research like an educated health care individual you are


11. The reality


12. Making up the names of muscles during your first semester of anatomy.


13. Trying to sound smart in front of your professor.


14. When undergrads complain about their schedule.


15. What the maximum number of exams you can have in a week?


16. When you make a phone call to your mom in the middle of hell week.


17. The first day of palpation lab.


18. When you finally hang out with your non-SPT friends, but the only thing you talk about is the spinothalamic tract.


19. When you find out that you have to bisect the manhood in cadaver lab.


20. Trying To Learning Pelvic Tilts


21. "Has anyone ever been victimized by PT School?"


22. You think about doing this every day (jk.... but really)


23. Said no professor ever.


24. Motivating you friends right before the NPTE


25. Taking the NPTE 



26. If the NPTE was a person.


27. Finally passing boards and graduating.


Which was your favorite?

How else did you feel during PT school? Drop a comment below!


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