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24 Times Kevin Hart Perfectly Explains Physical Therapy School


24 Times Kevin Hart Perfectly Explains Physical Therapy School


1. You get accepted into PT school. 


2. Making your first friend at orientation.


3. PT school actually starts and you have to study and study and study...


4. Taking your first exam.


5. Waiting for your grades to load after your exam...


6. Getting your grade back.


7. Getting into lab clothes for the first time. 


8. Taking your first practical. "Introduce yourself."


9. When your professor unexpectedly says it's time for lab and you forgot to put on deodorant. 



10. When you finally get a workout in after 2 weeks of exams, quizzes, practicals, classes, and projects.


11. Passing your lab practical by a point. 


12. That one classmate who always questions the professor got something right for once. 


13. Your lab partner palpates the wrong area. 


14. You toe-d an anatomy joke in class. 



15. Hyping yourself up before a practical.


16. Trying to study for pharm. "why do we have to know drugs?" 



17. "You're a PT? Like a Personal Trainer? Oh, okay, like a massage therapist!"


18. When no one in your group knows what to say during the presentation. 


19. When your professor makes you stay after... on EXAM DAY!


20. When you don't know what you're doing in your practical but your partner can't pick up the signals.



21. Practicing manuals without a high-low table.


22. Finishing didactic work and finally getting to go to clinicals. 


23. Demonstrating an exercise to your patient.


24. You finally graduate and want to go out, but all you can think about are the loans.

....Except it's not like your savings account, it's more like a Sallie Mae






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