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10 Gifts For PTs That Don't Break The Bank

White Elephant? Secret Santa? Are you a PT or PT student that has limited funds for Christmas Gifts this year? Check out these 10 Gifts that won't break your bank!

1. Magnets - Don't be alone this holiday season, "attract" the ones you love with our collection of magnets


2. Ornaments - These ornaments will make you want to "hang out" by the fire place all day

3. Christmas Cards  - Wish your loved ones a Merry Liftmas with these Christmas Cards 


4. Wine Tumblers - Mrs. Claus's personal favorite


5. Tote Bags - Might not carry as much as Santa's bag, but these tote bags are worth checking out



6. Baby Onesies - Why show off your profession when you can have your baby do it for you? 

7. Stickers - Make your holiday season HUMERUS with our various collection of stickers

8. Pins - Pin these up by your stockings so Santa knows you support Physical Therapists

9. Coffee Mugs - These mugs are ready for their first pour of hot cocoa


10. Socks - It's going TIBIA cold winter, keep your feet warm this holiday season with our collection of socks



You can get all these gifts in our Physio Memes Store!

If you want to check out specific Christmas related products, check out our Christmas collection HERE 🎄


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