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Top 50 Clever Intramural Sports Team Names For Physical Therapists

 There was a very popular thread (arguably my favorite) in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Facebook Group awhile back where everyone dropped their team names.


These are clever, original, and humerus. Not only are these great team names, you can repurpose these in your fantasy football leagues as well. ;) 
You can find the link of the other names not mentioned below HERE.
Please, enjoy them in alphabetical order!

1.8 minutemen

2. Acc-patella

3. America’s got Talus

4. Bad ACetabulums

5. Beta Blockers (volleyball)


6.C6 Mafia

7.CABG Patch Kids

8. Cremasters of the Universe

9. FERPAlicious

10. Firm Endfielders (softball)




12. Good Palpations

13. Genu Kickurbottom

14. Goalgie Tendons

15. Hemoglobin Trotters



16.Hungry hungry HIPAAs

17. Jendrassik Park

18. Just The Tib...ia

19. Kick Acidosis

20. Labral Terrors



21. Levator annihilators

22. Lordosis of The Rings

23. LumbarJacks

24. Manips Are Hard

25. Master Gaiters




26. Me So Goni

27. No Man LEFS Behind

28. Nothing But Netters

29. PTerodactyls

30. Quad Sets (volleyball)




31. Sartorius BIG

32. Shin Sprinters

33. Spinothalamic Tract...(because you bring the heat & pain)

34. Smooth Obturators

35. Swolliosis




36. TENS, TENS, TENS, 20s on your TDs 

37. Tensor Fascia Latae

38. Terminal Swing (Softball)

39. The Ball'N Sockets

40. The Cadavaleers



41. The DOMSinators

42. The Gait Keepers

43. The Osteophytin' Irish

44. The PT Cruisers

45. The Three “PEAT”ers



46. The Walking Deadlifts

47. Therabandits

48. Thoracic Park

49. Transversus Abdomination

50. We’ve Got Soleus


    Which one was your favorite?!

    Was yours not mentioned?

    Drop your favorite Intramural or Fantasy Team Name Below!



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