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Types of PTs on the Internet (Friends Edition)

1. The One Who... is all about pain science

2.The One Who... thinks evidence-based practice only has 1 pillar (and ignores the other 2 completely)  

3.The One Who... never knows what's going on

4. The One Who... will argue with everyone (just because)

5. The One Who... never posts anything and will read everything for entertainment


6. The One Who... doesn't know how to apply the evidence

7. The One Who... only does manual

8. The One Who... only does exercise

9. The One Who... is always right

10. The One Who... lives for new articles

11. The One Who...has to continually moderate PT groups

12. The One Who... who is IG famous

13. The One Who... thinks of the best mnemonic devices 

14. The One Who... is friends with every PT in the world

15. The One Who... who only goes to conferences for a good time and networking

16. The One Who.... still does outdated treatments

17. The One Who... finally meets all the PTs they've been following on social media at a conference

18. The One Who... makes punny PT jokes all day

19. The One Who... procrastinates reading this post and realize the need to go back to studying


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