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Name: Emily Tran


"Coming from an immigrant family that had nothing, I knew I wanted to help others in overcoming their own hardships like my family has.

Figuring out that physical therapy is the career that gives my passion a sense of purpose has been everything. I have always looked for careers or activities where I can connect with those around me and I finally figured out physical therapy is for me.

I'm currently applying to physical therapy school in Texas right now, and am hoping to stay in Dallas by family if given the chance. On the side, I've decided to create a platform to share my journey as a Pre-PT for those that are interested in the profession.

I decided to become an ambassador to advocate for physical therapy, but more importantly grow to advocate for minority women especially. I want minority women to understand we can strive to be leaders, and strive to diversify the PT profession.



Name: Ryan Cruz
Pre-PT/soon to be SPT this July
"My goal after earning my doctorate in physical therapy is to work for a NBA team as their sole physical therapy consultant. Along with that I plan to own my own business and want the focus of that clinic to be sports related injuries. The reason I decided to become a physiomemes ambassador is I strongly believe that more light needs to be shed on what exactly physical therapist do. Along with that I stand behind the belief that physical therapy should be utilized as the primary prescription for pain relief rather than opioid drugs. Seeing Dr. Andrew Tran of physiomemes use his platform to advocate, spread knowledge, as well as humor made it a no brainer for me to join this team of fellow/future health care professionals."

Instagram : @cartiercruz253


Name: Andrew Gillihan
"A little background on me: I received my Bachelors in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a Behavioral emphasis from Boise State University. I currently attend Arkansas State University pursuing my DPT. I will graduate in Spring of 2022. I am NSCA CSCS as well as ACSM Exercise Physiologist and Exercise is Medicine Certified. My goal is to work with military/veteran personnel once I finish school and would love to get back to the West Coast after exploring more of the South and East Coast. 
Why PT: I love moving. It’s amazing what the human body can accomplish when it wants to move. It can adapt and overcome so many different types of challenges with the right stresses and responses. But most of all, changing a person’s life and outlook on movement is huge. We live in a world where movement has slowly become obsolete and the world health statistics show that. I’d like to think that as a PT I can have a small part in reversing this trend for the better."
Instagram: @a.gillihan.spt

Name: Andy Chang


I was “headed in a bad direction” by being in a continuation high school program due to being expelled from my original high-school because I was pursuing professional poker (not kidding lol) and had no desire to go back to school after graduating from High School. I fell in love with fitness however and the indirect lessons associated with it and I made it an absolute priority to try and democratize fitness related information to anyone who seeks it!

Prior to this I went to an accelerated program for a pharmacy technician program to “do something with my life" and luckily got a job as an inpatient pharmacy technician where I truly believed I was destined to meet some people that showed me that anything is possible; that even a “failure” in high-school like me could go back to school and get what I want in life. I initially wanted to pursue medicine because of the cliche “I want to help people”, but as I was shadowing both an MD and a PT during undergrad I immediately realized PT was the perfect fusion of fitness implementation and my newly developed love for patient interaction. I’m 31, sort of a late bloomer but haven’t looked back since. :)

Website :

Name: Christine Boucher
"I'm a second-year PT student and I have a blooming passion for breaking the mental health stigma in grad school. I'm also starting to learn about the role we can have in wellness as physical therapists and I'm excited to learn more. I created a blog to document my journey. I am excited to represent Physio Memes as an intern and ambassador to learn so much about the online business world, make new connections, and help promote our profession in such a positive way."
Instagram : @mindbody_spt

Name : Christine Umali
"Hi everyone! I am a student PT (c/o 2021) in Southern California and I decided to become a Physio Memes Ambassador for several reasons. First, I am excited to build connections in our PT community.
Second, I would like to learn more about the business, social media, and management aspects of our field, especially as we see a growing online presence of healthcare professionals.
Last but not least, I am eager to expand public awareness and engagement in order to further promote our profession. A little more about me is that I am interested in the following areas: neuro, geriatrics, and pelvic health.
My goal is to advocate for vulnerable populations and help improve their quality of life. Eventually, I am also interested in teaching pre-PT or student PTs as a lab instructor or professor. I am thrilled to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who strive to make a positive impact in our profession and in other people's lives!"
Instagram : @christine_spt

Name: David Lauzurique
"My name is David Lauzurique, and I choose to pursue Physical Therapy because I want to make a change on this Earth. I am an SPT and Personal Trainer attending the University of St. Augustine DPT program in Miami FL. My passion for exercise and educating led me to pursue a degree in Physical Education in Sports and Fitness from Florida International University. Along with my passion for video and content creation, I enjoy educating people on how to properly exercise and avoid injury by making educational videos for my Instagram and YouTube. At a young age no one teaches us how to move well and life teaches us that we need to sit for 8+ hours every day to work or study, yet no one educates us on the detrimental effects lack of movement and exercise does to our bodies. As a future DPT and video creator, my goal is to reach as many people as possible to educate them on the benefits of exercise. I’ve spent the last 10 years experimenting with all types of exercise, including Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Cycling, Swimming, Kettlebell training, and much more to better educate myself so that I can become a better Physical Therapist and educator. My goal and passion is to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy that walks the talk and educates my patients on how to live stronger lives instead of just treating the symptoms.
I choose to become an ambassador for Physio Memes because I believe I can help reach the masses in educating about the physical therapy profession. I want to advocate for physical therapy, and what other way than to do it with Physio Memes!  So let's throw on a Physio Memes Tee and chat about Physical Therapy!"

Instagram: @davidnotgoliath.spt
Youtube: David Lauzurque

Name: Farimang Touray Jr

"I wanted to become a Physio Memes ambassador because I feel like there is a lot of potential for people to know about the greatness of physical therapy and how it can improve your quality of life. I felt like I needed to do my part to spread the profession that I truly believe can make a difference in everyone’s life. So that’s what I hope to do now as a student and a future physical therapist."

Instagram : @ftjr15


Name:  Gabby Mace
"Hi everyone! My name is Gabby and I'm a 2nd year PT student at High Point University. My why is centered around creating connections with others and treating my future patients to get them back to the activities they enjoy. After graduation, I plan to have my own Mobile PT practice treating individuals who have had a stroke and active adults. As current PT students, Sarah Falbo and I started GRADitude LLC to help SPTs get through PT school on their first try, debt-free! I became an ambassador to promote a positive message for the PT profession and create conversations from shirts like this one :) and ultimately, to #makelifehumerus"

Name:  Gail Galyo
" Hi my name is Gail and I am a SPT at Northeastern University in Boston! I am an olympic weightlifter, coach for Pre-PT Grind’s Accepted System, and a content manger for multiple small businesses. As a SPT my goal is to inspire and mentor other pre-PTs and SPTs by sharing my story and journey through my Youtube channel and Instagram. After being rejected from 15+ schools my first application cycle to being accepted into 3 programs the next cycle, I want to show people that anything is possible and to not give up! My goal as a future physical therapist is to work with injured athletes and guide them their road to recovery. This has been a passion of mine because I have always been an active person but have unfortunately needed multiple surgeries partly due to being highly active. I decided to become a Physiomemes Ambassador to shed more light on what physical therapy truly is and how we can make an impact on people’s lives no matter what our niche is."
Instagram: @gailmarie.prept
Twitter: @GailmariePrept

Name : Jeff Denning
"What's up guys! I'm Jeff Denning, a soon-to-be 3rd year PT student! I'm stoked to be graduating (relatively) soon, and upon graduation I see myself venturing out and starting a micro practice within a CrossFit Box or on a golf course. I'm a Physio Memes Ambassador for a few reasons, but mostly I just want to increase the visibility of our profession. I want someone to know what I do when I say I'm a physical therapist and not just get an "Oh, cool." response. I want the phrase "Who's your PT?" to be as common as "Who's your doctor, dentist, accountant, mechanic?" And I want us to make some more damn money because I think we are grossly underpaid but extremely valuable. If more people know about us and demand our care, that should naturally occur over time. I see our profession transitioning to more a wellness/fitness-forward proactive approach rather than a strictly rehabilitative reactive approach, especially with the advent of telehealth and the rise of wearable technology and group fitness. I just want to be on the front end of that transition. "
Facebook:  jeffdenningdpt



Name: Jon Phuong
SPTA, 2nd year
"I have always had a love of physical activity and what the body can do. Being a martial artist for most of my life, I have also always loved the communities that surrounds movement. I wish I had discovered it earlier, but I chose Physical Therapy as my life's passion because in encompasses all that I love about life: Physical activity, serving others, and a strong community. Physio Memes allowa me to reach others through my love of PT and dad jokes; I couldn't ask for a better way! In my career I want to pursue a sports rehab route focusing on the fighting community such as MMA, brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai,etc. Overall though, I'm here to serve my community as a whole and I can't wait to do it."
Instagram : TheFightersSPTA

Name: Joshua Klepes

"I am me. I love the Physical Therapy profession, as it combines many of my interests and goals into one profession. I became an Ambassador to not only earn some extra cash on the side but to also grow as a professional, specifically in my business skills! I hope to one day work with college or high school athletes, rehabilitating difficult injuries such as a SLAP tear or an unhappy triad. Being an SPT isn't easy but it is so worth the pain and effort!"

Facebook : Joshua Klepes
Tumblr : jklepes

Name: Karl Bourne
Karl Bourne is a current student of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and will graduate in 2021.
"I chose PT because I always found the human body fascinating. Along with that, I wanted to have the opportunity to become the first doctor in my family while doing something that I love. I found my motivation to come back to school back in 2016. This is when my great grandmother passed away. I felt like PT was right for me and since making that decision I haven’t regretted it one bit."
" I decided to become a Physiomemes ambassador because I wanted to be a part of this movement to spread awareness on physical therapy. Also, I wanted to align myself with some of the brightest and most talented individuals within the industry. I branded myself as a pre-PT through writing for several platforms and companies such as: Pre-PT Grind, The PT Hustle, and Covalent Careers. I look forward to seeing how I can further my brand and aspirations alongside the Physiomemes team! "
Instagram : Bourne2Prosper
Name: Kevin Hazel

"My career path choice of becoming a physical therapy assistant has been fueled by my strong desire to be a part of the progression of healing and to help those in need, overcome adversity. However, in the beginning stages of my career seeking journey, there were many “twists and turns” along the way.  My wide range of experience and skill set stem from many diverse professional positions held thus far.  It is this combination of opportunity and exposure to various environments, people and expectations that have helped me get to where I am today.

As a Division 1 student athlete, I learned to overcome hardships and manage difficulties associated with having to balance a full time schedule of coursework along with the remainder of my hectic schedule training my body to properly perform at the highest level of my sport while minimizing the risk of injuries. In addition, holding the position of corporate college recruiter and most recently, a traveling physical therapy recruiter - my skills have been extended to effective networking, developing, and cultivating relationships that have created solidarity and positive results. Although these positions are not related to patient care, these experiences have certainly facilitated my confidence and in shaping my leadership skills; giving me the ability to effectively communicate with a diverse population.

My journey has now brought a great opportunity for me to utilize my experiences and skill set to help aid in the advocacy of our profession; and to bring awareness and exposure to many:  those directly and indirectly affected by our profession – present and future." 

Name : Kaylie Beeson
"Hey everyone my name is Kaylie and I’m an SPT at MGH!!
I love learning new things and traveling. I grew up doing gymnastics until a back injury stopped me from the sport but helped me find my love for physical therapy.
As an SPT, my goal is to continue to share my journey to inspire others that with determination anything is possible. I became an Physio Memes ambassador and intern to help spread awareness of the PT profession and shine light on the opioid epidemic." #exerciseoveroipiods  

Reason for being PMA: 
I was given opioids and I  hated the way they made me feel. I know many people and gymnast who’s careers have been effected by opioids. I became a Physio Memes ambassador and intern to spread awareness to PT and help end the opioid epidemic.
Instagram: @kaylieb.spt

Name : Kaitlyn Bigner
"Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and I am a 1st year SPT at the University of Cincinnati. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where I grew up playing soccer.
Throughout my high school career I sustained 3 leg fractures which were blessings in disguise as they led me to my love for the physical therapy profession. My goal right now is to specialize in pediatrics sports therapy.
I am an ambassador for Physio Memes because I want to help promote our profession to individuals from any background so that more people understand what we do and that we can be a FIRST, DIRECT step in a road to better health. That all can start with wearing a simple shirt with an obnoxious PT logo on it to spark a conversation! I want to #MakeLifeHumerus and #MakePTKnown"
Instagram : @kkbigner23


Name : Keyonni Adams


"Hey Guys, my name is Keyonni but you can call me Key. I am a third-year PT student at the University of Hartford. In PT school, I started my company called KEYP iT FiT (Keep it Fit). Through my brand, I aim to promote building healthy and sustainable habits that will last a lifetime. I currently offer personal training services but when I graduate PT school and pass my boards my goal is to start cash-based PT and become a business coach for healthcare professionals. 


I am excited to be a Physio Memes ambassador to have the opportunity to promote the PT profession! 


Instagram: @keyp_itfit



Name: Kristina Guerrero
" I’m Kristina, and I’m a PT student at UNLV in Las Vegas!
I chose to pursue Physical Therapy because of my interest in learning about the human body and my passion for helping children overcome any obstacle that may come their way. I have volunteered with various non-profit organizations in town that benefit child health and welfare, and I love the work that pediatric physical therapists do to give these kiddos the tools they need to be strong and independent!
It is my goal to be a pediatric physical therapist and have my own clinic where I can provide PT services for children who are medically underserved so that every kid feels empowered to chase their goals too. I’m so excited to be an ambassador for Physio Memes so I can help spread knowledge and light on all the amazing things PT’s do for their patients and their communities."
Instagram: @kristinafaye_spt




Name: Lindsay Durand
SPT, 2nd year

Lindsay received her B.S. in exercise science from Creighton University and is currently a second year physical therapy student at Washington University in St. Louis. Lindsay has wanted to be a physical therapist since she was in middle school and went through her own PT for competitive gymnastics injuries. In undergrad, Lindsay was actively involved in her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, as well as conducted research for the Exercise Science program and the Physical Therapy program.
As a graduate student at WashU STL, Lindsay continues to conduct research on low back pain, serves on the digital media committee for the Journal of Women's Health PT, and is the marketing coordinator for the Global Women's Health Initiative. She also spent the summer of 2019 completing her first PT clinical experience with a non-profit organization, Hearts in Motion, in Zacapa, Guatemala.
Lindsay is passionate about women's and pelvic health and hopes to pursue her WCS (Women's Health Clinical Specialist) after graduation to help better serve women with pelvic floor dysfunction. Lindsay recognizes the importance of branding the physical therapy profession and wants to support the Physio Memes message to help people understand what physical therapy can do for them.
Twitter : @durand_lindsay
Instagram :  @lindsaydurandfitness



Name: Madison Kirkpatrick


"I always knew that I wanted to help people with whatever career I chose, so when I found physical therapy, I knew that I had found the perfect profession to allow me to help people and challenge myself. It’s really important to me to connect to as many people as I can to raise awareness to health disparities the LGBTQ+ community face, advocate for change, to be visible to other LGBTQ+ people so we have more representation, and so I can do more outreach to those that need help and support. I promote inclusive healthcare while providing necessary education on how to increase inclusivity and the importance of PT for everyone, especially under served populations like the LGBTQ+ community. I wanted to be a Physio Memes Ambassador because I knew the group is made up of like minded people that are passionate about advocating for physical therapy and we all have our own niche that we advocate for as well. The way to increase knowledge and utilization of physical therapy is to create a community, and that is what each ambassador does, and what the Physio Memes brand does."

Instagram : @lgbtqphysicaltherapists


Name: Marie C. Fernandez

In the future, I want to work autonomously as an in-house Physical Therapist at Malakas Training, a private gym my boyfriend recently opened as a Personal Trainer and where I currently work as a Movement Specialist. Here, I teach Yoga and book IASTM + cupping sessions that fuses all aspects of my toolbox! Ideally, I would love to continue to grow and build a PT practice that integrates a transition to Wellness program after discharge. Quality of Life is prescribed through a biopsychosocial approach that never expires.

I decided to become an ambassador because I’ve always believed in being an advocate who leads by example. I wholeheartedly believe movement is medicine that’s far more effective than opioids that often is a bandaid given with our healthcare system. Proud to be a part of a passionate group of PTs of the present and future!

IG: @MariesMovement , @MalakasTraining


Name: Marissa Schiwitz


Background: Born & raised in central Virginia, my parents always encouraged individuality and stepping outside my comfort zone. As a result, I became involved in a variety of arts, athletics and amongst other things, developed a passion for holistic health, sport, and community. I received my Bachelors in Exercise Science at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015. I moved to Austin, Tx in 2018 and currently a 2nd year DPT student at St. Augustine University.

Why PT?: I believe it begins and ends with great passion for the human experience. Over the years, I realized the more I learned about the body, the more I wanted to share that knowledge. I envision a world where people are empowered with the knowledge of their own bodies, take charge of their healing, move better to prevent injury and get back to doing all the things in life they love. Physical Therapy puts me in a perfect position to achieve my mission to provide others with the tools to take ownership of their health.

Why did I become a Physiomemes Ambassador?: I believe being an Ambassador for the Physiomemes Team is a great opportunity for societal engagement - to spread the word of what we do as Physical Therapists. Dr. Andrew Tran is really inspirational in his efforts for advocating PT to the public while also creating a rockstar community of unique individuals with similar passions. When we encourage individuality – the world works better. I’m so excited to work with, support, and learn from this awesome team.

Instagram: @_issa_rissa_


Name: Megan Bodden


"Hey Hey!! I first fell in love with physical therapy when I sustained traumatic injuries during my volleyball career during high school. Physical therapy was the reason I was able to continue playing competitively and be there for my team as team captain. I couldn't imagine not being on the court at the time and therefore I truly believe physical therapy is the equivalence as a second chance at living life optimally. 
I am passionate about giving my patients the opportunity at returning to their ideal lifestyle and daily activities. Physical therapists take on so many more roles than just the title implies, and I think that's why we have such a great opportunity at making such a huge impact on their life and the community. I am still super curious and interested in so many areas of PT, such as athletic performance, outpatient ortho, acute care, and geriatrics! So, I am excited to see where life takes me! 
I decided to be a PhysioMemes Ambassador because I understand that we, as physical therapists, need to do a better job at advocating for our wonderful profession. It doesn't need to be such a difficult task and that's why I love how PhysioMemes just makes it so easy in a humerus way. I enjoy being part of a team that is super supportive, builds each other up as well as building our profession! "

Instagram : @mb22.spt , @megann0219


Name : Rhoda Bea Hernando, SPT, ATC


"Hello everybody! My name is Rhoda and I'm a student PT from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Marcos, CA. I went to University of the Pacific for undergrad, majored in athletic training, and am a certified athletic trainer. My areas of interest in PT are ortho/ACL rehab, pelvic, women's, and LGBTQIA+ health. My goal when I graduate PT school is to not only work in wherever PT setting my future holds but to also continue advocating for our profession and for our patients. I see myself continuously reach out in the community and showing people that PTs transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience. I'm looking forward to being a Physio Memes Ambassador and meeting people who share the same values and goals for our profession."

Instagram: @brodaboat92




Name : Ruben Cabrera


"I am a second year DPT student, soon becoming a third year going off to his clinicals. I was originally a pharmacy student but I switched because I loved the one-on-one interaction that PTs have with their patients and I love exercise and fitness. My end goal is to own my own hybrid gym/clinic and also be a social media influencer in the PT/fitness industry. I became an ambassador so that I could help generate a greater awareness for the PT profession and help people understand the value of being active."

Instagram : @rjtehninja

Clothing Brand: Eager Lifestyle

Personal Training Business: FitBySci


Name:  Sarah Falbo


"Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I'm a student physical therapist, triathlete, flutist and lover of the outdoors. After graduation, I plan to have my own mobile/telehealth PT practice for endurance athletes. As current PT students, Gabby Mace and I started GRADitude LLC-a podcast to help SPTs get through PT school on their first try, debt-free (and also an online course to walk you through it all!). I became an ambassador to promote a positive message for the PT profession and create conversations from shirts like this one :) and ultimately, to #makelifehumerus


Name: Valentine Ngo, SPT


"Hello friends! I am currently a second year student at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences at the San Marcos campus in California. I want to become a physical therapist for many reasons, but all my reasons relate back to one main point: I want to help people. Like many people in the field, I want to help promote physical activity and promote the profession itself. I’m excited to be on this journey towards receiving my Doctorate of Physical Therapy and hope to make a positive difference in my local community and in the physical therapy community. I became a Physio Memes Ambassador because I know Andrew shares the same values and vision for the profession as I, and other ambassadors, do. "




Name:Tiesha Fenwick


"Hey!! My name is Tiesha Fenwick! I am a first year SPT at Plymouth State University! I fell in love with PT while volunteering at a Veteran Affairs hospital where I got to see first hand how physical therapist change lives.

My personal interest at the moment are cardiopulmonary as well as geriatric therapy. I became a brand ambassador because it is a great opportunity to showcase the capacity of the physical therapy profession. I strive to motivate and inspire Pre PT students as well as student PTs on the road to their doctorate."

Instagram: @unsung_bird

Name: Yasmin Assaf


" Hey y’all! I go by Yaz and I’m happy to report from the big apple as a 2nd year student at New York University.  

I was raised as a second generation immigrant, with a father who was born and raised in a refugee camp. My whole life I was raised with the keen awareness of what it was like to have experienced the kind of struggles my father experienced which only made me appreciate and value the life I have been given here even more. That led me to healthcare and I figured out shortly after that my calling was in Physical Therapy. Excellence, Integrity and Altruism are all values of this profession that I try to maintain in my personal life which makes being a PT even more attainable.

My goal as a PT is to just be as invested as I can, and to match that, becoming a PhysioMemes ambassador means I can share my passion on a larger scale (and get some dope PT gear along the way). "

Instagram : yasminassaf




Name: Dr. Alyssa Arms


" When I graduated, I had NO IDEA of what I wanted to do - everything sounded interesting. Through my career, I've have both full-time and PRN jobs. I've worked in acute care and outpatient, with a few other settings sprinkled in. I am now a private practice owners and an instructor in the University of Colorado's DPT program.  Throughout all of these changes and roles, I have learned how passionate I still am about the profession, as well as how many people still don't understand our training, what we do, and how much of an impact we can have on the world around us. So what better way to spread the love than becoming a PhysioMemes ambassador!?! "

Instagram: @backinsteppt



Name: Crystal Fernandez


"I just graduated from American Career College in Anaheim, CA where I received my Associates degree in Physical Therapist Assistant. I have a dedicated passion for physical therapy and would like to share this passion by educating future PTA students and the public on better physical health.

I joined PhysioMemes because I am all for having fun and making jokes while still being able to treat patients professionally. Providing a fun treatment can help distract the mind from any pain a patient feels. I feel PhysioMemes will help me promote more awareness of the physical therapy world and shed less light on other means of pain relief such as medicine and unnecessary surgeries.

Lastly, as a PhysioMemes ambassador, I want to show others that PTAs can be as good of healthcare professionals as PTs."

Instagram: @physicalcrystal


Name: Keva Price

MSPT, Physical Therapist, PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

"I've been a physical therapist since 2000. In my spare time I'm a salsa dancing foodie!
My participation in dance and cheerleading and dealing with several small injuries as a kid sparked my interest in the career.
I'm a strong believer in movement as medicine. Teaching and practicing Pilates has improved my own wellness and allowed me to better assist my patients to achieve their goals.
I love meeting people and building my social media presence. I also love teaching people about how they can use movement to enhance their wellness. As a physio memes ambassador I can do both in a humerus way!"


Instagram: @kevapricepilates

Youtube: Keva Price

Linktree: kevapricepilates



Name: Dr. Lauren E. Miller


"What is up Physio fam?! I have been a PT for ~2 years in the Outpatient Ortho and Home Health Setting. Why PT? I love being my patient’s keeper and advocate. I love that I can laugh and dance to my heart’s content in the clinic without feeling like I must dilute my happy-go-lucky and creative personality to provide good patient care.

At this time in my career, I have published my first health and wellness book and I am daydreaming about starting my mobile practice treating dancers and other athletes.

Why become a Physiomemes Ambassador? First of all, I love to laugh. I always tell my patients that I am a full-time therapist and part-time comedian and Physiomemes takes our profession to the next level by providing humor in conjunction with patient education. Additionally, PTs are movement experts and we have the responsibility of showing the world that medicine and pain relief can’t always be provided in the form of a pill. We have earned the right to be the patient’s first choice, but they must first know who we are and what we can do. As a Physiomemes Ambassador, I also want to continue with my mission to encourage diversity in this profession and be an example to other minorities of what is possible and that our dreams are infinite" 

 Instagram : @Elizabethantown


Name: Matt Villegas
New Grad PT
"Hello. I am Matt from the SF Bay Area. I am a new grad PT currently working in home health with plans to do Mobile Peds PT. I enjoy hiking, playing piano/guitar, escape rooms, and trying new things!"
Facebook: mattvdpt

Name: Naureen Imam
"Hey y'all! I'm a recent graduate of the DPT program at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. As a student, I have constantly sought opportunities to further my understanding of the human body from a cellular level in research to patient care in practice. My journey to PT has not been straightforward, but a loved one in need of physical therapy, changed my life's course and I've never looked back. I am so excited to be part of the Physio Memes community as an Ambassador- it provides an opportunity for me to promote a profession that puts patients and clients first. It also allows me to hone my design skills and create graphics that raise awareness of the amazing work being done by PTs everyday."
Instagram:  @veil_in_motion
Etsy Shop: YoungandFreesia

Name : Dr. Sara Ansari


Owner of Personal PT, LLC

"Hi everyone! My name is Dr. Sara Ansari and I decided to be a Physio Memes Ambassador in an effort to bring awareness to our profession. I have been an outpatient orthopedic PT since 2012, and in 2019, formed my own insurance-based concierge physical therapy practice in Boston called Personal PT.
The reason why it's so important to raise awareness to our profession is because doctors are still choosing us as a last resort practitioner for when our patient's pain isn't improved. Far too often I have patients come to me when their chiropractor was no longer helping out or they got tired of taking pain meds. So how about we raise awareness that we're direct access? We are the frontline practitioner of choice for pain management as well as overall health and wellness. Physical therapy isn't just for when you have an injury, it's for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life! "

Instagram: @personalptllc


Name: Tarik Smith
 "I was introduced to the Physical Therapy profession in high school. I was a high school athlete that obtain a shoulder injury in game. I was treated by other health care professions first and did not have success with their treatment. It was the Physical Therapist who fixed me in time for basketball season. After I graduated college, I was a performance trainer.  I trained high school, college, and professional athletes to reach their maximal performance. I felt like I could do more to understand how the body work, help athletes prevent injury and recover fast after injury. I decided to look up the job description for a Physical Therapist. I had success with it in high school so I thought it would be a cool job to have. I applied to many schools and was put on the wait list. I decided to apply to PTA school and was accepted.  I graduated with my AA and began to practice as a PTA. I did not want to give up on my pursuit of becoming a PT. I decided to apply to PT school one last time and was accepted.  I graduated from University of St. Augustine in 2018. In 2019 I became a Certified Postural Neurologist, and a Certified Health Coach. My goal is to help patients and clients prevent unnecessary surgery, and/or medical cost through preventative medicine. I would also like to help patient better understand their insurance and how to maximize their benefits. I decided to become an ambassador to learn how brand myself better, improve my communication, and help promote the profession of PT.  Everyone continues to think of PT as a secondary profession when it comes to certain injuries. They do not fully understand that we are a profession, maybe the only profession other than OT, that teaches them how to be self-efficient and prevent injury."
Facebook: Tarik.Salem1
Instagram : tarik.salem1


Name : Patty Boonprasert
PT Intern/ Pre-PT
"Hi everyone my name is Patty! I’ll always find a way to bring snacks, learn something new, and try to make you smile. I was born in the restaurant industry (so don’t be surprised if I try to feed you) and somehow that lead to my desire in becoming a physical therapist. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity of interning with Physio Memes and looking forward to new — and humorous— endeavors in this business!"

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