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Word Of Mouth Marketing on Steroids (WOMMS)

What is WOMMS? It is the best and fastest way to get your business and future customers. 

Health E-Commerce Method- is the most cost effective way to implement WOMMS in your business. Create an online store for your business to increase your bottom line, get people to know more about what you do and increase your status as a PT.

Build your brand while having your top raving patients market for your business....

Completely hands off! 

Turn Your Brand Into A MOVEMENT💪🏽

**Below are some examples of other PTs and health care providers who have gone through the Health E-Commerce Method to blow up their brand!

(These stores are separate of Physio Memes. They were set up though the Health E-Commerce Method. You will be directed to a completely different site when clicking on links below)

  1. Smart Success PT Store
  2. The K9PT Store 
  3. The PT Hustle Store
  4. De Wit Physical Therapy and Wellness Store 
  5. The Concierge PT Store 
  6. Wright Fit PT Store 
  7. JMM Health Solution Store 
  8. RD Approved Store 
  9. Pre PT Grind Store 
  10. Upward Dog Rehab Store 
  11. FEMMEmpowerment and Advocacy Store
  12. MindHealthDPT Store
  13. The Ride Life Store
  14. GRADitude The Podcast Store
  15. The Gymnastics Docs Store
  16. Genesis Physio Shop
  17. Ohana Therapeutic Massage Store
  18. Limitless Counseling Store
  19. Atlas Chiropractic Store
  20. Elevate Sports Performance Store
  21. OT Genius

**If you have any questions about the Health E-Commerce School click HERE or please send an email to**