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Why Physio Memes?

My Story.

My name is Andrew Tran, and I am the founder of Physio Memes.

🏁When I first started Physio Memes, it was in 2016 a few months after I graduated from PT school when memes were getting popular. I searched for accounts that were consistently posting memes and couldn't find any. I decided to create my own Instagram page and share my own memes. I really wanted to promote the PT profession in not only a positive but also funny way. This is were #MakeLifeHumerus started. 

😬A year later, I ran into the same issue when I was looking up t-shirts and merch for PTs. There was nothing out there! I was proud of our profession and wanted to rock gear that promotes the profession, but not just have a boring logo of the company on a polo paired with the…. yes, khakis. I ended up creating a few shirts and people asked me where I got them. I was excited and told people that I had created them! It was only a side hustle at the time making a few bucks here and there.

🙅‍♂️I don’t like waiting around for some organization, the government, or other healthcare providers to tell people what this amazing profession can do for people. I believe in ACTIVE modalities to rehab people as I believe people need to be ACTIVE in promoting the profession instead of passively waiting for someone else to do it and just complain. 

✊🏽I want to BRAND and yes, MARKET the profession with both the memes and merch that I was putting out. We all know that no one really knows what PTs do, right? 

Since Physio Memes has grown, my goal is to take it one step further and also help out other PT business owners with their branding, their word of mouth marketing, and creating movements so we can save people from the opioid epidemic and getting premature and unnecessary surgeries.

As always, #MakeLifeHumerus

Andrew Tran, PT, DPT

Founder of Physio Memes, LLC



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